Plans for NCN422 through Town Centre


NCN 422 is a ‘new’ national cycle route from Newbury to Windsor.  Reading Borough Council is charged with creating the route through Reading Borough and the first phase – a shared footpath along Bath Road – has started construction.  The second phase takes the route down Berkeley Avenue and along the River Kennet through the Oracle, in part coinciding with the existing NCN4.

Reading Council is inviting comments from the Cycle Campaign on the Phase 2 route plan.  An overview of Phase 2 can be found here (hit download when the new window pops up to get the pdf) and more detailed drawings of particular segments can be found on the RBC website:

If you have any comments on the route please pass them to our RBC campaign officer John Lee ( by 19th February

3 thoughts on “Plans for NCN422 through Town Centre

  1. Berkeley Avenue:
    Why change the cycle route here? There is a perfectly good cycle lane on the road – it needs to be a full cycle one – not advisory: needs a solid line to prevent cars entering. This would be much better than putting cycles on the pavement, unless the pavement is to be upgraded and widened.
    Making the cycle lane ‘mandatory’ all the way through Berkeley Avenue would be much simpler and cost effective. Cyclists may then actually use it a lot more!

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