Bikeability is the recognised framework for delivering cycle training. It consists of three levels, which are based on outcomes.

  • Level 1 is the basic level of riding, usually delivered in traffic free areas, which covers bike control, braking, steering, signalling, bike checking and some awareness of the risks
  • Level 2 is the level suitable for people who will be riding primarily on quiet residential roads and covers starting and stopping, road positioning and passing  parked cars, and all forms of junctions, rear observation, but doesn’t cover roundabouts, traffic light controlled junctions or busy roads
  • Level 3 is the highest level and covers all road types and every eventuality…

Reading Cycle Campaign offers free cycle training to any adult member who wants it. Our courses are less formally structured, as they tailored to the people taking part, and will for instance cover roads and junctions you will use, and especially ones that you don’t like. They tend to bridge the level 2 to 3 region. They are delivered by one of the most experienced cycle instructors in the area, and are completely free.

They will run when people want them, but ideally they need three or four participants, they don’t work 1:1.

If you are interested contact us here: