Committee Members

The committee manages the day-to-day affairs of the Reading Cycle Campaign. It gets together at least once a month alternating between committee meetings and open meetings. Committee meetings are open to all members but follow an agenda.

We are always looking for new members to join the committee (for vacant positions see below) so get in touch if you want to lend a hand!

Chair: Joe Edwards

Joe is a bit older than this now but still as enthusiastic about cycling!

Secretary: Keith Elliott

Keith Elliott

I moved to Reading in 1993 and joined the Cycle Campaign shortly afterwards after someone left a leaflet about RCC on my bike.  I am currently serving as the campaign’s secretary but have been RBC Campaigning Officer for several years before that.

I’m a commuter cyclist, rather than leisure rider, and one of my most memorable rides was when we had really bad snow and ice in January 2010 – I could cycle right down the centre of London Road in the rush hour without a car in sight.

Treasurer: Brian Morley

Brian Morley

As Treasurer I control the bank account, pay the bills, and keep the score.

Membership Secretary: Keith Collyer

Keith Collier

I use my bike primarily for fitness. Yes, I am a MAMIL! I’d love to use it more for errands but I am afraid of it being stolen. I am a retired systems engineer living on the Earley border near the University and have been here for over thirty-five years.

Reading Campaign Officer: John Lee

John Lee

I am a recently retired highways and traffic engineer specialising in cycling infrastructure for about 20 years. I enjoy cycling and other forms of travel including my rowing boat and vintage car.

I liaise with Reading Council officers regarding cycling infrastructure proposals and requests.

Wokingham Campaign Officer: Alex Cran

Alex CranI’ve lived in the Wokingham area since 2010 and as a sometime cycle commuter had heard about the Reading Cycle Campaign, but apart from attending a group bike ride had never really got involved…unfortunately convincing myself I was too busy and that whilst I was in favour of better cycling facilities, I could just about manage with things as they were and hopefully someone else would sort things out for me!

It wasn’t until I had children and started cycling them up the gridlocked Reading Road in Winnersh to get to their nursery (as driving took too long!) that I realised how vulnerable it felt to be cycling on this road as it was. It was this combined with my realisation that just having good intentions about the environment but hoping other people would sort things out was not enough and that led me back to the RCC as a way to get involved with changing things for the future.

West Berks Campaign Officer: Rob Hill

Rob HillI am a retired teacher living in Pangbourne and I am now a mostly leisure rider having been in the past a keen off-road cyclist.

I have been working on improving the facilities for cyclists in Reading and in particular that part of greater Reading that is within West Berkshire.

Publicity Officer: Susan Children

Susan Children

I am primarily a leisure cyclist enjoying the lovely local lanes around Reading and challenging myself with multi day cycling touring trips.

I’d love to be able to use my bike for more local ‘utility’ journeys, however the lack of secure bike parking in Reading and at local out of town shopping areas is a major hindrance. I love my bike and want to keep it!

Events Officer and Cycling UK Rep: Karen Robertson

Karen Robertson

Newsletter Editor:  Alice Elliott

Alice Elliott

I confess I am the non-regular cyclist on the committee. I started designing the Newsletter in 2003 and have been producing ever since.

Please let me know if you’d like to help with the Newsletter. We publish four times a year and all the templates etc are setup.

Web Manager: Stuart Ward

Stuart WardI am a keen cyclist and e-biker. Tinkerer with all things mechanical, electronic, and computer related.