Residential Bike Hangars

A residential bike hangar provides secure bike storage when you can’t store your bike in your home. Bike hangars provides space for six bikes and can be installed on the street. Hangars are accessed using a key/code or mobile phone app. You can rent a space for your bike in the hangar.

Reading Cycle Campaign is working with Reading Borough Council to research potential sites for bike hangars in and around Reading. This will be a pilot scheme.

If you would like to nominate your street please complete this short form and we will contact you:

Please note there is a limit to the number of bike hangars we can (initially) install.

Reading Borough Council will select sites based on:

  • demand from local residents
  • number of bike thefts in the local area
  • community support from local residents
  • distribution across Reading

We are at the beginning of this process and resident consultations will need to take place before any bike hangars are installed.