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Caversham Walkabout


A Caversham walkabout meeting was held with Adele Barnett-Ward, who is a prospective Labour candidate for the Caversham Ward, accompanied by three cycle campaigners.

Adele rides a bike slowly (she says) and therefore is keen to make cycling safer and feel safer. We spent nearly two hours looking at Caversham’s streets and discussing various issues.

These are grouped as:

• Areas for 20mph limit

• Central Caversham changes in line with the CADRA vision for Caversham

• Improvements and extension to the cycle route over Christchurch Meadow from the new bridge

• Improvements to the existing NCN 5 route through central Caversham

• Improvements to Henley Road and Lower Henley Road cycle lanes

• Improvements to Peppard Road cycle lanes and the uphill exit from Prospect Street

• Poor road surface in Wolsey Road

Adele appeared to be sympathetic to all our suggestions. Now it is probably appropriate to try to obtain buy-in from all Caversham Ward Councillors and other prospective Councillors.

John Lee, RBC Campaigner for RCC


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