Critical Mass


After a long absence from Reading the spontaneous mass bike ride around the town has returned.

The ride starts from the Forbury Lion shortly after 7pm on the first Friday of every month.

The route is decided by all those present before setting off, and everyone rides in a large and sociable bunch for an hour or so, normally returning to the Forbury.

It is a short window of peace from motor traffic on one small section of the town’s roads, and people on bikes get some chance to socialise and relax together.

Hopefully numbers will grow as time passes, as it is a wonderful if brief change in the way the roads are dominated.

Of course some drivers don’t appreciate it, as moving at 10 miles an hour behind cyclists is so unacceptable they have to sound their horns, but driving at the same speed behind other drivers doesn’t prompt any such response.

If you fancy joining the ride you’ll be very welcome. Just make sure you bring your friends too!

Adrian Lawson
RCC Chairman

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