My experience of Vastern Road Roundabout


I have the deep joy of using this  roundabout several times a week, so I was very interested to see the Council remarking the faded lines as a first step in improving the shocking accident figures on the worst blackspot for cyclists in the town.

However it simply does nothing for the problem of drivers coming on to the roundabout too fast and not taking enough time to check everything is clear.

I frequently have to brake for drivers who sail out in front of me while I am on the roundabout, and the recent works have made absolutely no difference to this.

Sadly it will be many aeons before RBC take any more steps to change the layout here; this continued delay will do nothing towards making this roundabout safer.

I’ve heard some comments that northbound drivers are now more likely to cause an accident than they were before, although I haven’t fully understood why.

Whatever, treat this roundabout with extreme caution, whether you drive or ride around it.

Adrian Lawson
RCC Chairman

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