Map of Cycle Routes Central Reading

Cycling on ‘Linking Routes’


If you take a look at the RBC Cycle Routes map, you’ll see a number of brown ‘linking routes’ are shown.

One of our members raised this with us via our Facebook page.

We’ve now had a response from RBC to clarify:

The linking route

  • is a cycle route and can always be used by cyclists

  • could be on road (if appears as a broken line in the map) then used also by vehicles or as an off-road route (if appears as a full line) used also by pedestrians

  • it is not one of Reading’s branded cycle routes (R1, R10, R2, R20 – etc)

  • The linking cycle route – provides the link between important cycle routes in Reading. The linking route links between:

    • branded cycle routes in Reading (e.g. links R40 and R5)

    • branded cycle routes and the National Cycling Network (NCN)

    • branded cycle routes/NCN network and further destinations – outside Reading Council boundary.

You can download the full map here

Susan Children

RCC Publicity Coordinator

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