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Electric Cargo Bikes coming to Wokingham – available from Jan!


Wokingham Borough Council (WoBC) is taking delivery of two electric cargo bikes, which can carry loads for delivery, in January. Wokingham want local businesses to trial them to see if they would be able to use them instead of vans.

E-cargo bikes are cost effective:  Consider how much you could save on fuel, maintenance, taxes and insurance.  With My Journey’s new short and long-term rental schemes, businesses can try before buying so there’s no up-front investment needed to give it a go.

A convenient way to get around:  An E-cargo bike rider can easily reach their location quicker, without waiting in traffic, compared to other delivery options. There’s simply no faster way of moving goods around.

No more looking for a parking space:  Save valuable time looking for a convenient place to park.  An E-cargo bike can be cycled door-to-door making unloading deliveries both easier and quicker than a car or van.

Large loading capacity:  The E-cargo bikes can carry loads of up to 630 litres and can therefore replace cars and vans for most local deliveries.  The electric motor also means that carrying heavier loads is much easier than a normal bike.

Be emissions free:  E-cargo bikes emit no CO2 so are a far more environmentally-friendly option of moving goods around the borough.  This will help us meet our pledge to do everything in our power to tackle the climate emergency.

Check out the Urban Narrow XL E-cargo bike which is one of the bikes Wokingham has ordered. For more information, please contact WoBC.

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