GWR booking only policy


Great Western Railways has implemented a new policy for carrying bikes from May 2016.  Bikes will now only be allowed on high speed trains if they have a booking, which should be made by 18:00h the previous day.

It seems that this new policy is in response to an increasing demand for taking bikes on trains.  Perhaps GWR could consider providing more space for cycles.

4 thoughts on “GWR booking only policy

  1. The new booking policy is “in preparation” for the new trains, which will have more limited cycle space. Cycles are seen as a operating problem, causing delays in loading. All of this could be addressed in the new train design but has not been. Cyclists in Bath and Bristol have set up a petition on 38 Degrees (
    For further information see

    1. Thank you very much Phil for this information. This is a subject that we would value in our newsletter. Is there any way you could send us a small article about this?

        1. Before the end of August, but the sooner the better! Thanks Phil. And please add some images if you can, makes it more interesting.

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