April 2016 Newsletter is now published


The April 2016 RCC newsletter is published. You can download it from the Newsletters page.

It contains:

  • The results of the Broad Street Consultation regarding allowing cycling through the pedestrian area of Broad Street, and the resulting Council meetings arising from this.
  • The West Reading/West Berks cycling improvements.
  • A full update from Peter Howe, our Wokingham Borough Council campaigner
  • ‘On Your Bike’ in Sonning Common on 10 April
  • The Chairman Adrian Lawson’s letter on his thoughts about the Broad Street Consultation and more.
  • The mystery of the missing bike stands in Broad Street.
  • An update about how the Membership system is changing to GoCardless and how this affects your bank standing orders.
  • An advert about recruiting a new Newsletter Editor – please help, this newsletter needs you!
  • CTC Ride listings from March to May 2016
  • Contact and campaign details on the back page.

You may have noticed this is the April 2016 issue. This is due to our need for a replacement Newsletter Editor to come and get the newsletter back on track!

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