Pedal And Post To Deliver For Reading


There was huge interest and a great turn-out for our April open meeting with Pedal and Post, the Oxford-based e-cargo bike delivery service. CEO Chris Benton gave an overview of the current operation, their plans to expand in Oxford and also launch the service in Reading next year!

To fund these plans the company opened a share offer on a crowdfunding platform earlier this year which has received great support.

Chris founded the company in 2013 following requests for local deliveries when out riding his cargo bike. Taking the plunge and investing in more bikes and employing salaried delivery cyclists, the business has gone from strength to strength. Today, the company delivers over 1,000 parcels a day across Oxford and employs 23 people.

100,000 van miles are saved every year by Pedal and Post as their cargo bike couriers navigate Oxford’s tricky narrow streets – so a great fit for Reading.

Pedal and Post is perfectly placed to help companies who want to ensure the ‘last mile’ of delivery is made via zero emissions vehicles. Cargo bikes can deliver more parcels per hour than the average van and produce 92 per cent less greenhouse gas emissions per delivery.

Pedal and Post is already working with established delivery companies such as DPD, Yodel and Riverford to handle their smaller packages, as well as more traditional Oxford partners such as Blackwell’s bookshops and Wolfson College, part of the University and are relied on to deliver time-critical NHS samples.

The meeting closed after a lively Q&A and of course, a final word from Chris:

“Electric cargo bikes are a crucial part of the solution to speed up deliveries and make our air safer to breathe.”

And we’re holding our breath hoping that you’ll come to Reading. 😊

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Susan Children
RCC Publicity Coordinator

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