RBC Spring Report 2022


Little of consequence has happened over the last three months. Cycle Forum and CAST meetings should be taking place in late March or April 2022.

Shinfield Road Scheme

RCC made comments about safety and usability on parts of the Shinfield Road scheme proposals, but are unaware of whether changes have been made in line with our comments.  We requested a meeting with RBC to discuss these in more detail, but so far no meeting.

In contrast the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) has managed to meet with RBC to discuss their concerns. I met with the MAG representative prior to their meeting to discuss where we had common ground and where we disagreed.

Traffic Management Sub-Committee, 3 March 2022

Two main items of interest are the Shinfield Road scheme which just appears to be a rubber stamping of the scheme for consultation. Apparently, there is scope for later minor changes.

The other item is a comprehensive list of schemes requested, which includes many schemes requested by RCC.  Whilst there are many individual 20mph speed limits and zones proposed, the blanket 20mph for residential roads is set to be removed.

This is only a wish list though, so without approved funding little will happen.  The hope is that developers and other funding will become available.

Cycle Hub

The Council is still investigating sites for the proposed Cycle Hub, a secure cycle parking facility in the town centre. A location in or near the Broad Street Mall area is most likely, with funding of £125k from the government’s Capability Fund available this financial year.

John Lee
RBC Coordinator for RCC

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