RBC Spring Report


The last Cycle Forum meeting took place on 31 October 2018 so we are due another meeting soon.

I suspect most of the previous issues are still highly relevant including:

  • Town Centre signing,
  • Vastern Road roundabout,
  • the NCN422 through Reading,
  • and a few more!
Traffic Management Sub-Committee

The TMSC took place on 10 January with our main agenda item being Vastern Road Roundabout. I was allowed to make a presentation at the beginning of the session where I stressed the problems with the roundabout and the need to make more improvements until the number of collisions drops to no more than one a year.

It is currently averaging about ten injuries a year with seven injured being cyclists. The Council agreed to the provision of spiral markings and to try and obtain DfT approval for the clearer continental type of ‘sharks-teeth’ give-way markings.


Are there any works proceeding on the Berkeley Avenue, central and eastern sections of the route yet? I have not noticed any improvements over the winter!

Town Centre Signing

RBC now say they will provide the signing improvements to the Town Centre, but at the time of writing (mid-February) no changes have been noticed.

East Reading Mass Rapid Transit

This controversial scheme has been shelved because of the refusal by Wokingham District Council to give planning approval. So £20million may be available for other transport schemes, and it appears that £3m has already been bagged by Reading West Station and a further £4m by Theale Station.

RCC needs to work hard to try and get funding for the numerous schemes that we have been requesting over many years that have failed to receive Council support.

Vastern Road Roundabout

Following the approval of markings changes by TMSC we are pushing for the implementation as soon as possible. More changes need to be made to make this roundabout satisfactory for cyclists and other users.

We are pushing the Council on this; they have indicated a willingness to act, but there are no known actions at the time of writing.

The local on-line news and Meridian TV picked up the subject, which resulted in good coverage on 17 January on the 6pm news. A collision on 8 February between a car and a van, which over-turned and blocked the road, has also received coverage on the online local news.

John Lee, RBC Campaigner for RCC

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