Reading Borough Council Spring Report


Since the last Campaign News in December and the time of writing (mid February) there have been no meetings to report on or major issues that have cropped up.

The Cycle Forum was on 27 February at the Council Offices, and feedback from this will be reported in the next newsletter. We discussed what to raise at the Forum at our last RCC committee meeting. Our usual long list had both new and many unresolved issues from previous requests. Perseverance and patience are needed by campaigners!

There appears to have been little or no action by RBC yet on signing and other improvements in the town centre which were agreed about a year ago. Also, the series of cycling collisions at the Vastern Road roundabout by Reading Bridge has yet to get the immediate action that is required, as reported here.

The campaign has been more proactive recently in contacting Councillors and others, which has resulted in a number of meetings, of which the outcomes are recorded here.

John Lee, RBC Campaigner for RCC

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