Speed cushions showing abuse

Traffic Calming – Best Practice for Cyclists and Pedestrians

Reduced speed limits of 20mph (or less) and providing traffic calming are popular in town centre and urban areas. They improve road safety and increase the attractiveness of walking and cycling, as well as making residential and shopping areas more pleasant. 20mph limits will normally need traffic calming and/or other physical measures to be effective. […]

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Why do cyclists so often get criticised?

Is it our behaviours, or attitudes? Is it others’ green guilt or what? Whatever, it affects our pleasure or otherwise on the road, and often spoils conversations. Jumping red lights and riding on footways are frequently mentioned as reasons to target bad feelings towards cyclists. These misdemeanours can then ‘justify’ their (motorists’) speeding etc. Criticism of […]

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Cyclists’ collisions update

The website www.crashmap.co.uk is always a useful source of good but unwelcome information. The latest 2020 injuries are now shown, with Vastern Road Roundabout still taking top spot, albeit with only two injured cyclists, one serious, the other slight. Still two too many. The only death was the unfortunate accident in Addington Road. Other injuries […]

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walkers and cyclists

Reading, Wokingham and West Berks to get an LCWIP

In 2017 the UK Government published its first Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy which sets out the Government’s ambition to make walking and cycling the natural choices for shorter journeys or as part of a longer journey. The Strategy sets a target of doubling cycle journeys by 2025. As part of the Strategy the Department […]

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