Cyclists and Pedestrians

Cyclists and Pedestrians


There are many common issues shared between cyclists and pedestrians.

In the past the RCC committee has considered how we can work more effectively on common problems with pedestrians, but as there are no formal active pedestrian groups in Reading, no progress has been made.

This article has been written to identify some of the common ground in the hope that individual and other active resident groups can join with us in pushing the Council for better conditions.

Some of the main issues are as follows:

Speeding traffic

Inappropriate speed of vehicles is a problem and danger to cyclists and other road users. We encourage the use of 20mph limits and zones on roads in residential areas and in shopping areas. Reading has some 20mph zones, but there is scope for far more.

Speed tables

Slower traffic at road junctions by the use of speed tables, raised table entry treat-ments, and raised junction tables. As well as slowing traffic at the most dangerous locations these will also assist pedestrians to cross roads.

Sharper corner radii at road junctions

This helps slow down turning traffic making crossing the junction shorter and safer for pedestrians and cyclists, whether by use of a cycle lane (in the carriageway), a shared path or footway.

Pedestrian or shared crossings adjacent to road junctions

Too often crossings are moved 20 metres or more from a junction making pedestrians, and any cyclists wanting to use the crossing, go further than necessary.  It also makes the provision of cycle crossings more difficult.

Stopping illegal parking

Parking near junctions and on busy roads frequently causes problems for cyclists. It can also make it more difficult for pedestrians to cross roads.

Footway parking

This can often be a problem for pedestrians, particularly those with buggies, wheelchairs etc. It can also be a problem for cyclists, either by encouraging vehicles to speed or by having obstructive half-parking where none should exist.

Inappropriate shared use paths

Cyclists and pedestrians both prefer to have their own surfaces where this is possible to provide.

Shared use guidance and publicity

There is scope for us to help generate and circulate/publicise good practice for all users of shared paths.

Are there pedestrians and disability campaigners reading this who we could work with?  Please let us know your thoughts and ideas of where and how we could work together more effectively by emailing  RCC are keen to build alliances with other groups where we have common concerns and objectives.

John Lee

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