West Berks Cycle Audit

West Berks Council has asked us to undertake a review of cycle routes and facilities in Calcot, Tilehurst, Purley, Theale and Pangbourne.  The purpose is to identify potential improvements in cycle infrastructure in order to encourage cycling as a means of transport.

Our review wil involve identifying key routes in these areas (e.g. to shops, schools, train stations) and then ride these routes making notes on potential improvements for cycling.

We plan to do this in January and February and aim to have a small team to look at each of the five areas.  If you are interested in helping to do this (or just have some suggestions for improvements) please contact John Lee on rbc@readingcyclecampaign.org.uk.

West Berks Cycle Audit

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Yvonne Thorngate

Are you the John lee that was in Charlie Wells Capital works team in the early seventies ?

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