Car Door Cycle Lanes – A Brief Reprise


In 2015 we made a big fuss when RBC painted cycle lanes in the car door danger zone alongside parking bays on Wokingham Road. We pointed out that this was completely against both national guidance and RBC’s own policy as given in its Cycle Strategy.

Door Danger ZoneFollowing our concerns RBC’s Traffic Management Sub-Committee made an undertaking to remove the dangerous cycle lanes. They never did, of course, but at least the lines faded over the intervening years.

So it was with some surprise that when this section of Wokingham Road was resurfaced in August, the offending cycle lanes were repainted on the fresh asphalt.

However, this is not a rant against RBC. Reading Cycle Campaign members pointed the facts out to the Council and the newly painted lines were removed after the mistake was realised. This section of Wokingham Road will in fact be getting some more cycle-friendly lining as part of the new cycle route NCN 422.

Keith Elliott
RCC Secretary

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