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TrafficAn RBC Cleaner Air and Safer Transport meeting took place on 3 December. A number of subjects were covered, and the following are the RCC notes of the meeting.

There was interesting feedback on the School Streets by the Headteacher of Park Lane School in Tilehurst.  The scheme to close the adjacent road to through traffic at opening and closing times was working reasonably well once the initial teething problems had been overcome. Communication and consultation were apparently the main issues.

Following an RBC introduction and questions by (mainly) RCC on the Active Travel Schemes, various information was forthcoming:

There will be some funding available to improve and make permanent Tranche 1 schemes, once their trial period has been approved by RBC.  Len (RCC) raised the subject of the Oxford Road; apparently the Town Centre to Norcot Road is a separate scheme that is to be progressed separately in 2021.

A Tranche 2 Consultation Plan had to be sent to Department for Transport (DfT) by RBC for approval by mid-December. Consultation on these schemes would be during February-March 2021, with completion by Wednesday 31 March 2021.

DfT are to ensure high standards of schemes, but it is unclear how this will be done. All of the Tranche 2 works need to be completed by 31 March 2022.

Both CAST and the Cycle Forum would be consulted (two chances for cyclists to comment!).

The next Cycle Forum will be in February 2021.

The next CAST meeting will be in March 2021.

Other issues covered

The cycle training for bus drivers was raised by Richard R, RBC are to chase Reading Buses!

Future topics for discussion at CAST were requested: 20mph limits are on the list already.

RBC is trying to get DfT approval to allow them to enforce 20mph zones/limits.

Police Commissioner elections are in May 2021, so it is worth lobbying the candidates.

Keith Elliott
RCC Secretary

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