RBC Summer 2021 Report


Traffic is now getting close to pre-Covid levels, but with different travel patterns. There appear to be more cycle commuters and family groups out cycling still, which is good, despite the bad weather in May.

Active Travel Pop-up Cycle Schemes Tranche 1

The tranche 1 schemes all seem to be complete, with many being well used by cyclists.

We understand that some funding should be available for improvements to these schemes, so if you are aware of problems that can be fixed, please let RCC and RBC know.

General comments back about the schemes, and what cyclists like would be useful too?

Tranche 2 Schemes

The Tranche 2 schemes were discussed at the Cycle Forum (who met online) on 25 March and on the CAST (Cleaner Air and Safer Transport) (online) meeting on 18 March.

RCC comments on the proposals were forwarded to Reading Borough Council by the deadline for comments in April 2021.

We are awaiting to hear the results of the consultations and which schemes are to be funded.

Also, we hope there should be some more details on the schemes and further chance to comment at Cycle Forum and/or CAST meetings.

If we receive updated proposals in a form that we can circulate we will do so, and will appreciate any comments back.

John Lee
RBC Coordinator for RCC

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