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RBC Spring Report 2023


Two Traffic Management Sub-Committees, a CAST (Cleaner Air and Safer Transport) forum and the Cycle Forum have happened since my last report in November.

Traffic Management Sub- Committee (TMSC) 10 November and 23 January

RCC has raised the issue of the traffic calming measures in Redlands Road area being difficult and maybe dangerous for cyclists. Primarily the poor positioning of chicanes with no or inadequate cycle gaps, and also the poor positioning and use of speed cushions. A review of the scheme was presented to the TMSC in November, but only one change was being recommended. The committee then agreed to further review the scheme in conjunction with RCC, but 3 months later we are still awaiting a meeting, let alone action!

Cycle Forum on 8 February

The Council updated us on the Active Travel schemes, including the Shinfield Road, see below. We also raised the subject of town centre signing and routes, also see below.  The proposal for shared use in the station subway was out for consul-tation in February, so I hope that you responded (report to TMSC 2.3.23).

Cleaner Air and Safer Transport (CAST) 1 December

I raised the issue of poor design or lack of crossings for cyclists and pedestrians.  As a result, I was volunteered to do a presentation at the next meeting, with a hope that policies and infrastructure may be improved.

Shinfield Road Active Travel Scheme Tranche 2

Site works have now started and most of the detailed design work is apparently complete. After the Cycle Forum we were eventually sent plans of the signing.  RCC responded commenting that most of the necessary signing was not shown.

We are still concerned that the design issues that we raised have supposedly been considered but not accepted.  These relate mainly to the Queens Drive University entrance and to sideroad junctions. At sideroads we are concerned that motorists will fail to give way to cyclists when turning.

Bath Road and Castle Hill Active Travel Scheme Tranche 3

Design work is progressing on this scheme. The main problem areas are the IDR roundabout and parking in Castle Hill. We have commented on the plans and were waiting for revisions to be tabled.  These were not shown at the Cycle Forum but are currently on the Council website for consultation. We have responded to them, again highlighting the difficult IDR junction.

Cycle Hub

We are still waiting for the RBC to sign an agreement for the lease of the Cycle Hub in West Street. The delays make us wonder whether it will still happen.

Vastern Road Roundabout Cyclist Collisions

The continued incidence of cyclist injuries at the junction were reported to the Cycle Forum. However, we may need to take this to the Traffic Management Sub-Committee to generate any response. Check your journey routes with

Improvements Cyclists Want

The Council has a long ongoing list of schemes requested by the Campaign and others which is now on the RCC website. We have also added to the website a road-by-road list of improvements that we want . Please let us know of problems/solutions to add.  Wards have been added so contact your councillor on your pet subjects and do let us know any responses.

Town Centre Signing and Routes

RCC again raised the issues of inadequate signing and routes in the town centre. These are subjects that we have vociferously raised for the last seven years! The lists of requests have now been added to our website and . Note that there may be some duplication between the town centre and borough-wide Improvements Required list. Yes, too many lists, but far too many problems that need to be fixed.

John Lee
RBC Campaigner for RCC

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