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4th of December 2022: See RCC represented by Karen Robertson on the BBC Politics South report on cycling.

Watch now: BBC Politics South 4 11 2022 Cycling Report.

Reflecting on cycling post Covid lockdown I am sure you’ll agree, as highlighted by Karen, that we all miss the quiet, safe roads with less traffic! With the Government objective to encourage more people to cycle to reduce car congestion, improve air quality and our own health, it was good to hear this comment from Tony Page, Labour Councillor for Reading:

“We’re very positive about segregated cycleways, It not only encourages cyclists because they obviously have their own lane, but it also ensures that motorists see that cycling is safer, can often be faster, particularly when they’re stuck in a traffic jam. And the health benefit is something we’re keen to emphasise.”

We’d all prefer fully segregated cycle paths, but where car drivers and cyclist do have to share the road, all it takes is a bit of patience and common courtesy.

As Karen rightly commented:

“Everyone is actually just getting from A to B and I cycle everywhere. I use my bike for leisure, transport, shops and 99% of the time motorists are pretty polite. I also try to be polite in return. If somebody gives me a big gap, I give them a thank you and it just adds a better karma to cycling and driving.”

Duncan Dollimore, Cycling UK, noted that councils have to make sure everyone feels safe and we need to think about how we design the roads in our City Centres to try and create that separated space for cyclists.

“It is crucially important that this time councils make sure people can continue those habits and they look to do what they can to invest in the infrastructure, the separated lanes that will make those places feel more inviting and welcoming,”

And a final word from Karen:

The most important thing is just to keep the wheels rolling. Even if you drive, your children or your neighbour’s children or your gran probably would use her bike. If it’s safer for them to do that, then everyone wins!

Watch the full report here >>

BBC Politics South 4 11 2022 Cycling Report

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