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Details of Proposed Shinfield Road Cycle Track

Shinfield Road Cycle track 1 colourIn November Reading Borough Council ran a public consultation on the £1.2 million cycle facility along Shinfield Road.

As a reminder this scheme is being funded by the Department for Transport’s Active Travel Fund set up to support Local Authorities to implement walking and cycling schemes.

The proposed scheme will provide a segregated cycle track on both sides of the road from the junction with Elmhurst Road, past the University, to Shinfield Rise in Whitley, a distance of just over a mile.

Shinfield Road colourReading Cycle Campaign has provided comments to Reading Borough Council on the scheme – see separate article on the RBC Cycle Forum within the RBC Winter 2021 Report.

The segregated cycle track will be a step-change in the provision of quality cycle infrastructure in Reading.

However, three quarters of serious cycle accidents occur at junctions, and we have urged the Council to make the track more visible where it passes side roads and goes through junctions to make it clearer who has right of way.

Keith Elliott
RCC Secretary

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