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RBC Summer 2024 Report


Since the Spring report there have been Cycle Forum (29 February 2024) and CAST (3 April 2024) meetings to report. The next Cycle Forum meeting is on 3 September 2024 and the next CAST meeting on 2 July 2024.

Shinfield Road Active Travel Scheme Tranche 2

Site works are still in progress, but have been paused while additional government funding was approved. The signals with ASLs (advance stop lines) and an early start for cyclists will be implemented at the end of the works.

RCC still has a number of concerns with the scheme including the university entrance area, sideroads and the bus stop areas. The segregated shared-path signs and all of the surface markings were unfortunately still not completed at the end of April. 

Town Centre Signing and Routes

There are still a few signs to be provided, in particular the important ones in Town Hall Square. It is unclear what the delays are.

Station Subway

The subway will be closed for refurbishment prior to opening before the Reading Festival.

Redlands Road Area Traffic Calming

Despite RBC’s agreement to make some improvements, there has still been no action.

Lower Henley Road Cycle Lanes and ASL

The Lower Henley Road ASL and a short cycle lane were reinstated in April, with the separate left-turn lane for all vehicles being replaced by a mandatory cycle lane. It’s a pity the ASL is not 5m deep and the mandatory lane marking is only 100mm wide, as opposed to the 150mm it should be! But at least some progress.

Cleaner Air and Safer Transport (CAST) 3 April 2024

The last meeting took place on 3 April with reports from the Council including Clean Air Living Matters (CALM) project update.

The Bus Service Improvement Plan was also reported, with 24 electric buses coming soon.

A Zebra crossing is to be provided in Upper Redlands Road with Active Travel Plan Tranche 4 funding. Also in Tranche 4 is funding to design (only) the cycle crossing from Sidmouth Street at Queens Road, as well as Christchurch Green junction.

There is a CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) award for 35 dropped crossings. I hope these are not where we would prefer raised crossings to slow traffic.

There was no progress on the road ‘crossings’ policy that RCC had raised; this should be reported on at the next meeting on 2 July 2024.

John Lee
RBC Campaigner for RCC

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