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RBC Winter 2023/24 Report


Reading Borough Council (RBC)

Quite a few things have happened over the last few weeks, with some useful interactions with RBC.

A number of the meetings highlighted the need to add any cycling problem areas to the RCC list and map (see Please let the committee know of problems.

Cycle Forum

A Cycle Forum meeting was held on 18 September. There were a number of wide-ranging discussions including School Streets, crossings and cycling on footways. The issue of cycle route closures was raised again, with Kennet Side as well as Greyfriars Road being problems.

RBC gave updates on the active travel schemes and the station subway shared use which should become legal soon. Links to the subway at both ends need to be provided.

Town Centre Signing and Routes

On 25 September RCC and RBC representatives met to check over the signs that had been erected following our years long campaign. About half the signs requested had been fitted, but the key ones in Town Hall Square and Market Place were still missing.

Traffic Management Sub Committee (TMSC)

Cllr John Ennis is the new chair of the TMSC, the committee that approves road and cycle schemes. The last TMSC was on 13 October, but I did not attend as there appeared to be no cycling issues.

John Ennis was the main speaker at our Annual General Meeting on 18 October, which included a lively Q&A session. See AGM report and Chairman’s Letter.

Lower Henley Road Cycle Lanes and ASL

Following discussions at the AGM on 27 October, RCC met with the three Caversham ward Councillors to review the problems caused by the removal of the cycle lanes and Advanced Stop Line.

Apparently, RBC had removed them because of criticism from RCC in 2015 about possible dangers of car doors opening into the narrow cycle lane.

We also highlighted the safety problems at the mini-roundabout by the Coop. RBC agreed to take action on these matters.

Shinfield Road Active Travel Scheme Tranche 2

Site works are still in progress and look as if they will take many months.

Despite reminders and promises, RBC has yet to provide us with the statutory signing proposals which are legally necessary and essential for road users to understand the scheme.  These should have been an integral part of the scheme design.

A site cycle visit was held on 4 November with RCC members and Cllr John Ennis. This highlighted a number of issues, many of which we have been raising over the last year.

Redlands Road Area Traffic Calming

Despite RBC’s agreement to make some improvements there has been no action that we are aware of.

Cycle Hub

The Cycle Hub in West Street has fallen through because Primark decided against letting the shop unit that was proposed. RBC are now looking for alternative sites.

John Lee
RBC Campaigner for RCC

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