Say ‘no’ to anti-cycle measures in Caversham

We are asking Reading Borough Council not to make cycling more difficult in Caversham. The Council is planning to introduce one-way roads as a measure to help walking and cycling during the Covid pandemic, but this will close off a key northbound route for cyclists.
Please help stop this by signing this petition:

2 thoughts on “Say ‘no’ to anti-cycle measures in Caversham

  1. Not directly relevant but please note that I and an increasing number of people will not use Facebook: please could you try to avoid it as a a main way of communicating with your supporters? I can’t see what’s at the end of the link above unless I create a Facebook account, which I won’t do (it was enough of a fuss to leave a year or two ago). Thanks

  2. Mark – the link is to a petition, I don’t think it requires Facebook. The Facebook icon at the end of the article is if you want to share the news item via your own Facebook page

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