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WBC Summer Report 2022


West Berkshire Council (WBC)

eCargo Bikes for Local Businesses

New eCargo bikes are being offered to local businesses in West Berkshire to try out as part of a new environment scheme. This has been made possible from a successful bid that was submitted to the Department for Transport for funding via the Energy Savings Trust.

Under the trial WBC have two eCargo bikes available with large capacity 700 litre cool boxes to hire, with a further third bike available at a later date. These vehicles can be branded with vinyl if the business wishes to, so long as this is removed on return.

Ideas for their use could include:
  • Static/mobile promotion – indoors or outdoors, at summer fayres or events etc.
  • Sale of goods or foods, where allowed, in streets or parks – at least one will be available with a cool box.
  • Local deliveries, in place of small vans, demonstrating a commitment to zero-carbon transport as they have a range of about 30 miles on one charge.
  • Carriage of tools and equipment by tradespeople.

If you have a business in West Berkshire and would like to hire one out, please contact Alec Gore on: or the Environment Team on:

Active Travel Fund, tranche 3 allocation

WBC has been awarded £280,000 for pedestrian and cycle improvements on the B4000 between Stockcross and the A4 in Speen.

Rob Hill
WBC Campaigner for RCC

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