RBC Autumn Report


Since the last Campaign News in the summer we are awaiting a Cycle Forum meeting, maybe in September.

Unfortunately, there has been little visible action that I can see on any of the planned and hoped for cycling schemes and improvements. This includes the NCN422 route from Calcot to Wokingham Road, town centre signing and route improvements, and the Vastern Road roundabout.

Attempts to find out progress from RBC on the progress and to arrange meetings with the planners of major schemes, such as the Homebase redevelopment, have not been forthcoming. The only sign of action that I can see that really affects cyclists is the work taking place on Cow Lane bridges, which looks like progressing until at least late September.

The short length of completed road gives no crossing or refuge to help cyclists cross from the northern shared path to Salisbury Road to access Oxford Road, despite our requests. There appears to be a Zebra crossing about 20m along Cow Lane towards the bridges, but this will be inconvenient for the route to Oxford Road.

John Lee, RBC Campaigner for RCC

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