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WoBC Spring 2024 Report


Tanhouse Bridge

The work to replace the two pedestrian footbridges over the railway lines in Wokingham town centre (Carnival Hub area linking to Ormonde Road) with one bridge started just after Christmas and is due to be completed in late February.

Sadly, the initial build will be with steps as opposed to ramps. However, the design has been made public (and viewed by a trusted friend who previously worked for National Rail as an engineer) and he agrees that has definitely been designed in such a way that additional cycle and mobility friendly ramps could be fitted.

A329 Reading Road Consultation

The consultation process on a new cycleway and other improvements to cycle and pedestrian infrastructure on the A329 from Winnersh into Wokingham town is progressing.

Phases 1 and 2 of the consultation are now complete and the final consultation (Phase 3) is about to be released by WoBC. The consultation survey will be available to complete via the WBC website and anyone who supports improved infrastructure is strongly encouraged to complete it. 

Woodley Cycleway

After several consultations, delays and redesigns, work is finally expected to start this year on the Woodley to Reading walking and cycling scheme. This was the project that WoBC selected as its preferred scheme and successfully bid and received significant funding from ATE.

It’s great news that this is finally about to commence construction and a testament to all the hard work from the WoBC officers and executive member for active travel and transport for not giving up.

Woodley Cycle Campaign

Karen from Avanti cycles and I joined a meeting of Woodley town councillors and local residents to discuss what things the town council could focus on to improve cycling and walking in Woodley.

This was initiated by Cllr. Keith Baker and others at Woodley Town Council (thank you Cllr Baker and your team!). We came up with some ideas at this initial meeting and there are some actions from this meeting and plans for future meetings.

It’s great that other parts of the borough are keen to improve active travel participation and important that the focus from the Council and other groups does not become too Wokingham town centric.

Twyford Station

I have heard from trusted sources that Great Western Railway is in talks with the Council about some joint bids for funding to improve cycle routes to, and secure cycle parking at, Twyford station.

Given its use by commuters, also increasing importance as a station since the Elizabeth Line started and issues with car parking capacity, it seems sensible to encourage more people to cycle.

Alex Cran
WoBC Campaigner for RCC

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