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WoBC Winter 2023/24 Report


Wokingham Borough Council (WoBC)

A329 Consultation

The second part of this consultation is now live and is consulting on plans for improvements to cycle infrastructure between Winnersh and Wokingham town centre on the A329 Reading–Wokingham Road.

The consultation can be found on the WoBC public consultation page under A329 consultation. There are five phases to the consultation, and we are currently in Phase 2.

A big obstacle to journeys between Winnersh and Wokingham town is the Woosehill roundabout, and we have had a useful meeting with the Council to discuss ways in which plans for this could be improved.

Tanhouse Bridge

Work on the Tanhouse footbridge bridge over the railway from the new Carnival leisure development to Ormonde Road and the south of the Borough is going to start in 2024. The current two bridges are due to be demolished between Christmas and New Year and the new bridge is due to be up and running by March 2024.

Despite a campaign and attendance at several Council meetings, the bridge will be stepped and not ramped as we had hoped. But the fact it will be a single bridge replacing two separate bridges is an improvement, and there will be a ‘cycle wheel gutter’ at the side to allow cyclists to more easily traverse. Also we have been promised the bridge has been designed to allow for future easy retrofitting of ramps.

Woodley Cycle Scheme

This is now on its third consultation, and nothing has happened yet, however this news is due soon and hopefully in the next newsletter I will be able to provide some concrete updates with possible good news on these proceedings.

Kidical Mass

Continues to grow. The most recent Reading ride on 26 November 2023 attracted 70 riders (and one runner) despite the rain and freezing conditions and we are hoping that in 2024 we will break the 100 people mark, which would be fantastic.

The next Wokingham ride will be starting at Elms Field on Saturday 16 December at 2pm. Future Kidical Mass rides, including more information about the group, can be found here: www.kidicalmassreading.co.uk.

Alex Cran
WoBC Campaigner for RCC

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