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New Cycling Issues Interactive Map


Just in time for the local Council elections on Thursday May 4th, we’ve launched our brand new interactive map highlighting Reading Town Centre cycling issues.

The map shows the improvements required to Reading Cycling Infrastructure (purple bike icons) and Town Centre Signage (green bike icons).

The map is best viewed on a desktop, however you can enlarge the map using two fingers on a mobile.

Clicking on, or touching, an icon or purple line will detail the specific issue and includes supporting photos.

Please raise the cycling issues in your Ward with your local Councillors – especially those asking for your vote!

You can see who is standing for election here:

Statement of persons nominated and notice of poll – local elections and casual vacancy 2023 – Reading Borough Council

And don’t forget you now need ID to vote.

5 thoughts on “New Cycling Issues Interactive Map

  1. Hi, the zoom Meeting On Wednesday 19th April – Find Out How Pedal & Post Cycle Couriers Are Delivering In Oxford And Why Reading Could Be Next.
    I wasn’t able to join, but would be interest what was discussed about the Reading opportunity, would you be able to help?

  2. Most School and Hospital cyclist use the de facto shared west side pavement. So need to join Forbury Road / Kings Road junction shared pavement with the Watlington Street cycle path up to the Hospital.

    Sidmouth St. is unfinished at Queens Road and is dangerous. I have advised my son never to use that cycle path.

  3. I’m not sure what this map is supposed to represent, is it places which need improvement?

    How do I update it with items? I have.. well I have lots, but I just wanted to add a couple of very small and easy to fix things. such as the junction of cranberry road and oxford road. It is left turn only, but the R50 route turns right.. Loads of cars turn right anyway.. but I thought it would be sensible if the signage was fixed to say Except cycles or something.

    1. Thank you for your suggestion for a new cycle scheme. We will add this to the list of new schemes that we will discuss with RBC. Please also send in any other suggestions that you might have.

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