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Bike map of Reading

October saw an unlooked for improvement to Reading’s cycle network, or at least the route along Watlington Street heading south-east from the town centre (Routes R2 & R20).

Watlington Street is a key artery for cyclists heading to the University, hospital and numerous schools in the area, as well as those venturing to Earley and beyond.

Although blocked off to motor vehicles at its north end it is, or was, a rat run for motorists using South Street to get from or to London Road.

This has now changed with the introduction of two rustic looking planters at the eastern end of South Street.

South Street from Watlington Street

Looking down South Street from Watlington Street

Chaos ensued for the first week as drivers headed down Watlington Street only to find they had to do a U-turn at the end, but it has now settled down to produce a virtually (motor) traffic free route.

In November, Reading Borough Council also filled in some of the worst of the gangs of potholes at the western end of Erleigh Road (by Reading School).

So whilst the long-neglected Erleigh Road is still far from pothole free, it is less of a bone-shaker than it was.

Glad tidings indeed – it feels like Christmas has come erleigh.

Keith Elliott RCC Secretary

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