Diagram 955 cycle track sign

Highway Code Cycle Signing


What are the main cycle signs that we should know?  Most signs and markings are shown in the Highway Code, 2022 being the latest edition. 

The round blue signs relate to off-carriageway (on path) cycleways.

On-carriageway cycleways are normally shown by rectangular signs.

The numbers relate to the Department for Transport diagrams.

It is illegal to cycle on a path unless one of the following round signs is displayed. The only possible exception is in parks if the relevant by-laws permit.

John Lee
RBC Campaigner for RCC

Diagram 957 Segregated path for cyclists and pedestrians, divided by a line or kerb. Normally two-way cycling.
Diagram 956 Shared path for cyclists and pedestrians, normally two-way cycling. Unfortunately this key sign is not shown in the latest Highway Code.
Diagram 955 Cycle track, or cycles only, normally two-way cycling.
Diagram 958.1 Advance warning of cycle lane ahead (advisory sign).
Diagram 967 Cycle route, or an advisory cycle lane.
Diagram 959.1 Mandatory cycle lane with flow, normally one-way only.

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