RBC Autumn Report 2019


No meetings with the Council have taken place since the last Cycle Forum on 19 March, the Traffic Management Sub-Committee that RCC attended and the workshop meeting for the Local Cycling; and Walking Infrastructure Plan held on 16 May.

The Local Cycle and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) is a comprehensive plan being developed by RBC with input by interested groups.

It is intended that this plan will attract government funding that will be spent on long overdue improvements to facilitate cycling and walking.

RCC’s input on the first stage on 16 May will be followed by any constructive comments that we can make in the coming weeks and months.

New cycle routes are being proposed on key routes into Reading from a number of directions, but what standard and type the routes are has yet to be stated by RBC.

At present RBC are consulting on both the LCWIP and an updated Local Transport Plan (LTP): https://www.pclconsult.co.uk/transport2036/.

A new Cleaner Air and Safer Transport Forum is being set up by RBC. This may assist in green and cycling policies, but could reduce the limited effect of the Cycle Forum.

Cycle Forum – Future and Lack of Action

The Cycle Forum meetings are intended to continue but the twice-yearly meetings over the last few years have achieved very little.

At meetings we have been able to comment on the few RBC cycling proposals, and to air our concerns and requests.

In practice RBC has taken little notice of our comments, with major issues such as lack of signing and routes for cyclists in the town centre apparently being ignored, despite RBC apparently agreeing to the signing required.

Unless the Forum manages to resolve some of the easy and cheap problems, let alone the more difficult ones, it is difficult to see the Forum’s purpose except as a short-term safety valve for cyclists’ genuine frustrations.

Vastern Road Roundabout

New spiral markings laid in July may have improved conditions slightly.

Many drivers appear to be wrongly switching lanes to enter Vastern Road, so extra markings and signs are still needed.

The spiral markings were suggested by RCC five years ago along with other comments when the roundabout was being constructed.

How much longer and how many injured cyclists and others will it take before adequate improvements are made?


Progress on the new National Cycle Network route from Bath Road to Wokingham Road remains slow.

The on-carriageway cycle lanes in Berkeley Avenue were still awaited at my last visit in late July.

The Wokingham Road changes by Crescent Road are supposed to start in late August. Maybe a trial New Year’s ride?

Station Subway

Following the request by RCC, RBC is still considering the shared use of the subway by cyclists.

A report should be available by the next meeting of the Traffic Management Sub-Committee.

Cow Lane

The segregated cycle route is open but suffers from the lack of continuity that RCC had complained about.

There are inadequate crossings to Salisbury Road in the west and of Cardiff Road and Richfield Avenue to the east, with the need to cross Cow Lane twice to avoid cycling on the road under the bridges.

RBC had stated that these could be considered at a later date as possible improvements, so complain to them via the Council Leader or Councillor Page if you are unhappy with the route.

John Lee
RBC Campaigner for RCC

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