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RBC Spring 2024 Report


Cycle Forum

The Cycle Forum meeting was held on 29 February and RCC tabled a number of issues we hope to get some answers and actions on.

Oxford Road and London Road Bus Lanes

These two schemes were approved by Council, but unfortunately RCC were not consulted. Both schemes would remove the possibility of some two-way cycle lanes or tracks, but do provide cyclists with the use of bus lanes. This issue was raised at the Cycle Forum.

Town Centre Signing and Routes

Following the walkabout with RBC on 25 September there are still a few signs to be provided, in particular the important ones in Town Hall Square.

Traffic Management Sub Committee (TMSC)

RCC did not attend the TMSC which was apparently on 11 January.

Lower Henley Road Cycle Lanes and ASL

We are still awaiting the reinstatement of the ASL and cycle lane in Lower Henley Road following the site meeting on 27 October.

Cleaner Air and Safer Transport (CAST)

The last meeting took place on 30 November with reports from the Council on Air Quality and Smoke Control. The Bus Service Implementation Plan and the Transport Strategy consultation were also explained. There was no progress on the Crossings and the Lower Henley Road cycle lanes, subjects that RCC had raised.

Shinfield Road Active Travel Scheme Tranche 2

RCC met with RBC officers on 22 January to discuss the signing for the scheme. With luck there may be some segregated shared-path signs and surface markings by the time you read this.

Site works are still in progress and look as if they will take many months yet. The signals with ASLs and an early start for cyclists will be implemented at the end of the works. 

RCC still has a number of concerns with the scheme including the university entrance area, sideroads and the bus stop areas.

Bath Road and Castle Hill Active Travel Scheme Tranche 3

No news, latest plans awaited.

Redlands Road Area Traffic Calming

Despite RBC’s agreement to make some improvements there has still been no action.

Cycle Hub

The Cycle Hub in West Street has fallen through because Primark decided against letting the shop unit that was proposed. RBC are still looking for alternatives.

John Lee
RBC Campaigner for RCC

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