Wokingham Bikeathon


Wokingham Bikeathon 2019

Wokingham Bikeathon returns on Sunday 30 June.

There are two routes planned which pass through many interesting and beautiful parts of Berkshire. Many of these are on calmer roads enabling all levels of cyclist to join in.

The event starts at Cantley Park in Wokingham and riders have the choice of a 15 mile or 35 mile route.

In previous years the organisers have seen cyclists of all ages and abilities participate. Many children have cycled with their parents. The Sprockets Cycle Club, which caters for 6 to 16 year old children, always attends.

Some adults cycle on their own, while others get friends and family to join them. Bikeathon has been running since 2009, led by Stan Hetherington.

It is a not for profit organisation run by volunteers and supported by local businesses, charities and organisations. It started with 143 riders in 2009 and it has grown and grown. It now attracts over 800 riders of all abilities.

Money raised from the entries is put back into the event and any remaining funds are given to charities; we’ll be featuring more about those closer to the event.

This year the committee has some exciting news: they have been working with Wokingham Cycling Club to create an updated 35 mile route.

Registration opens on 1 March at www.wokinghambikeathon.co.uk, and the Bikeathon committee also ask you to follow them on Facebook and to share the page with your friends and family.

With thanks, Gary Neilson, 07882 021314

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