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The current condition of the roads has created quite a lot of discussion of late. Indeed the June 2018 newsletter reported on the state of the main Cycle Routes through Reading.

As a result I have researched four ways to report a pothole online:

I decided to investigate the FixMyStreet and FillThatHole websites by reporting two separate potholes in my street so I could relate the process to you.

Remember to accurately note the location, size and depth of the pothole and take a photo before reporting it.


First I saw a map showing locations of previous reports and a tally of these reports in the sidebar. Good to check if your pothole has already been reported.

You are able to drop a ‘tag’ on the map where your pothole is and fill in the form. Select potholes from the category menu, enter in the dimension details, add your photo and explain the hazard created before submitting your private details plus your email and a password.

Next you are instructed to check your email to confirm your email address, which leads to a webpage confirming the pothole’s main details.

The next morning I received an email from the RBC Highway Department with a reference number, and reporting they “will endeavour to respond to your query within 5 working days”.


First I saw a new option to “rate your Council” and phone apps to report potholes instantly at the location.

The report form requires selecting the hazard type pothole before describing the hazard. Next you enter in the size and depth of the pothole and its distance from kerb.

You can plot the location via a map, and enter in the road name. Another description of the hazard for the local authorities is needed before checking the date.

The next page checks the location, leading onto a detailed hazard effect questionnaire and then you submit your contact details.

You then receive a confirmation email containing links to update your report and add a photo. You also receive a hazard number to check the progress.

Finally you are informed your report has been sent to the local Council.

Alice Elliott

3 thoughts on “Pothole Reporting Comparison

  1. Thanks for tackling this issue.
    I’m left feeling unsure which of the four methods to use. I think the simpler this is (ie less choice), the more likely I am to take action. I suspect the same applies to other cyclists(?). What’s your/RCC’s recommendation?
    Does Cycling UK have a policy on this to you know?

    1. It’s down to personal choice but some of us prefer FixMyStreet as it lets people see what has been reported and what has been fixed, and how well the council performs compared to other councils.

      Cycling UK will probably suggest FillThatHole as that is their own web based reporting portal.

      Keith (RCC secretary)

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